The Agile Teacher

Agile Teacher provides a free online game and virtual classroom for educators to develop essential teaching practices for inclusive classrooms. Our tools help you develop four teaching practices that are used spontaneously as learning unfolds in every lesson – 1. giving directions, 2. asking questions, 3. providing feedback, and 4. collaborative problem-solving.

Our digital tools enable novice and experienced teachers to experiment with changes in teaching practices without impacting the learning of real children and without the time pressure of daily lessons. The AI-powered data rich tools provide instant feedback and help resources to support the development of teaching expertise. Click on the tool that interests you to get started!

Teacher Learning through Digital Tools

Our goal is to provide professional learning that increases teacher capacities to make deliberate rapid culturally affirming teaching-decisions and slow deliberate curriculum plans that promote learning and equity.

More Effective Teaching Starts with Effective Personalized Practice

Too often, teachers sit through one-size-fits-none professional development after school. Instead, use our online tools to set personalized goals for your professional learning.

Learn more about how our tools develop practical research-based teaching practices and support teachers in engaging with the challenge of responding to the diverse needs of students.

Created by educators for educators

First launched the Agile Teacher through Reach Every Reader at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Learn with New Technologies.

Our games use machine learning and natural  language processing.

Learn about how we developed and maintain this technology.

Practice Today Your Vision for Tomorrow

Imagine an inclusive classroom where every student thrives. With that goal in mind, use our tools to start today the inclusive teaching that you hope will be common in every classrooms in future learning communities.
Learn more about our tools and theory of change.

I practice today the teaching I aspire to enact tomorrow.