Current resources focus on Building Inclusive Classroom Cultures, Building Belonging and Equity through Small Group Discussions, and Motivating Students.

SEISMIC Teaching Practices

Click on the heading, SEISMIC Teaching Practices to launch a module introducing seven high leverage teaching practices with strong evidence on student learning. These seven teaching practices, Strategic, Explicit, Intense, Systematic, Multiple Pathways, Individualized, and Collaborative are used to implement evidence-based interventions and daily teaching.

Building Inclusive Classroom Cultures

Join Carmen Williams as she explains a framework, CIRCLE students, used by educators to build inclusive classroom cultures. Watch short videos where Carmen explains why and how educators can care consciously, invite dialogue, restore dignity, co-create space, learn alongside, and empathize radically to build inclusive classroom cultures. Use the guide to create a CIRCLE students routine for your setting. Link to CIRCLE Students Google Slideshow with Carmen Williams

Giving Directions for Group Discussion Routines

Teacher directions are one of the most powerful tools teachers use in daily lessons. The resources here are designed to support teachers in developing skills in adjusting directions to group discussion routines to increase equitable engagement and the quality of student responses and interactions.

Video were Rhonda Bondie explains four elements of teacher directions for group discussions.

Practical Tips for Teaching Online Small Group Discussions. (2020, April 23) ASCD Express

Direction correction: Getting the directions you want. ASCD Express, April 23, 2020. (2020, April 23) ASCD Express

Aminisha illustrates how adjusting directions for peer discussion can increase equitable engagement and the quality of student responses and interactions.
This 360 Video Experience overs an example of how specific help resources may support greater equity and quality in peer discussions.

Understand How to Motivate Students