Agile Teacher provides a website of free resources and tools to support teachers and teacher educators in developing inclusive teaching practices.

Learn more about our team, technology, and model for inclusive teaching practices.

Our Tools

Our tools provide practice-based professional development for educators. This means that teachers are immersed in learning through experiences very similar to daily teaching. Unlike the unpredictable nature of school, our virtual tools are designed to develop teaching skills through practice without time constraints or concern of trying-out new skills with real children.

Teacher Computing and Digital Practices

We have used the Computing Integrated Teacher Education Framework to guide the ongoing development and research of our educator professional development tools.

Try our Tools
Agility – a board game (online or paper) to develop strategic use of inclusive teaching routines.
Teaching with Grace – a virtual classroom for practice-based development of inclusive teaching practices.

Our Support

Agile Teacher has been generously supported by the following grants.
– Reach Every Reader, Harvard Graduate School of Education
– Teaching Language and Literacy as an Act of Resistance, Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program
– Computing Integrated Teacher Education, City University of New York, Hunter College