Learning Routine Cards

Learning routines are essential for inclusive classrooms because learning routines are designed to promote student autonomy and community. Most importantly, learning routines provide teachers with time to listen to students and think about how to adjust teaching to nurture meaningful learning. The following learning routines are part of the Agility strategy game, where teacher and co-teacher teams practice using learning routines to respond to daily classroom challenges.

Learn more about the routines below and click on the link to play Agility.

Explore Agility’s Learning Routine Cards

Agility supports teachers in practicing three strategies to adjust teaching to respond to student learning. 

Our Teaching Routine Cards are categorized by the three strategies:

Routines –  the way students are learning (e.g. individually, teacher directed, or in a structured or unstructured group)

Help Resources – identifying help resources that are assigned or offered to students, and

Choice – the amount of student choice versus teacher assignment to respond to differences as learning unfolds during lessons.