Rhonda Bondie presenting a research poster at a conference

Rhonda Bondie’s poster session at The Simulations in Teacher Education conference (NSF Grant #1813476) , facilitated by Educational Testing Service and the University of Central Florida in February 2019. The conference aimed to build a research and development agenda for examining the role of simulations in K–12 science and mathematics teacher education.

We conduct research with teachers examining how professional learning can support teaching in building inclusive learning communities through daily teaching practices. We pay special attention to engaging in the challenges that teachers encounter when wrestling with their goals and values and time and curriculum constraints across grade levels, subject areas, and school contexts.

Contact Rhonda Bondie, Hunter College, to participate in our research.

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Bondie, R., Mancenido, Z. Dede, C. (2021).  Principles for designing virtual humans to develop teachers’ responsiveness towards diverse learners. Journal of Research on Technology in Education.

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