Agile Teacher provides virtual practice spaces and tools for teachers to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to adjust teaching in response to the diverse learning needs of students.

We provide personalized practice and differentiated coaching prompts to support teachers in developing expertise needed for equitable teaching in inclusive classrooms.

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Can Differentiated and Personalized Mixed-Reality Simulations Transform Teacher Learning?

Our tools

teach with Agility

Take a look at some of the tools we’ve developed to support readers, learners, and educators.

Agility Game

Play this fun and engaging online/card game to practice working through challenging classroom scenarios and making tough decisions to support all your students.

Teaching with Grace

Try out your teaching moves in our new virtual classroom simulation, which is automated using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


Learn to teach with primary sources in this interactive module. Students can create their your own Ken Burns style mini-documentaries using their own voice online.

Learn the ALL-ED inclusive teaching routines

Students come to class every day with a wide variety of backgrounds, needs, interests, and strengths. With these routines developed by Drs. Rhonda Bondie and Akane Zusho, teachers can improve their practice and keep All Learners Learning Every Day.

Our Research

Learn more about the findings that have come out of the Agile Teacher, including publications on immersive learning experiences, support for new teachers, and reading gains for young people.

who we are

Meet the Our Team and Support

Rhonda Bondie

Rhonda Bondie is the Director of the Hunter College Learning Lab and an associate professor in special education. Throughout her career, she has focused on ensuring all learners are valued, engaged, and stretched in inclusive classrooms.

Rhonda began teaching as an artist-in-residence and then spent over 20 years in urban public schools as both a special and general educator.

Her co-authored book, Differentiated Instruction Made Practical, is used by teachers in more than 30 countries to support their work of ensuring all learners are thriving every day. Rhonda’s research examines how teachers develop inclusive teaching practices and differentiated instruction expertise throughout their career using new technologies.

Project lead

Bill Ferster

Bill Ferster is a recovering academic specializing in developing highly-interactive, people-centered, data-driven web applications for education and media.

Bill founded four high-technology companies in the film and television industry.  The companies have been small but successful, leading to an EMMY award and two successful acquisitions by public companies.

He has have written three books: Interactive Visualization: Insight through Inquiry (2012, MIT Press), Teaching Machines: Learning from the intersection of education and technology (2014, Johns Hopkins University Press), and Sage on the Screen: Learning using Media (2016, Hopkins).

Technology lead


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