Frequently Asked Questions

Our practice sessions are designed to build teacher awareness and research-based teaching practices to perceive student differences and respond to students with student-centered effective feedback.

Student TasksIs this teaching practice aligned to my subject area and grade?
Our scenarios revolve around students tasks where students are developing literacy skills including reading comprehension, media analysis, digital literacies, and critical thinking. Our student tasks help us consider the complexity of literacy and how past histories shape our educational practices today.

Why practice these teaching practices?

You will practice high leverage teaching practices with strong evidence of nurturing student learning. The Agile Teacher website has resources for seven high leverage practices that are specifically used to implement specially designed instruction for students with disabilities and can also be used in inclusive classrooms. The seven teaching practices are strategic, explicit, individualized, systematic, intense, collaborative. Each practice scenario develops one teaching practice.

Will I learn practice learning routines for my students?

You will use the high leverage teaching practice to implement a Learning Routine with the avatar students. These routines are essential tools for inclusive classrooms because the promote student autonomy, belonging, competence, and meaning – key elements of motivation. Learn more about the Teaching Routines by playing the game Agility and visit our Learning Routine resource page. You can find resources to support your implementation of Teaching Routines in our resource section.