Teaching with Grace

Teaching with Grace is an interactive web-based tool that provides a consequence-free practice environment for teachers to develop specific research-based teaching practices for inclusive classrooms.

The four learning experiences on this page will help you find out more about how Teaching with Grace works and explore what teachers can learn through virtual teaching practice:

  • Guided Tour of the virtual classroom
  • Introduction to Teaching with Grace
  • A Guide on How to Identify Student Variance in Teaching with Grace
  • How to Provide Effective Feedback

Visit the Practice Library to select a scenario for teaching practice

Take a Guided Tour

Introduction to Teaching with Grace (5 min)

Learn about the tools in our AI-powered classroom for virtual teaching practice

How to Identify Student Variance (5 min)

A virtual classroom has rich resources to support teachers in developing skills at listening to students and perceiving student differences in split seconds as learning unfolds. Explore the types and visual displays of student differences currently recognized by Teaching with Grace.

How to Provide Effective Feedback

Teachers build relationships and inspire learning through their feedback to students. Learn four types of feedback to increase in teacher-student interactions and one type of feedback to minimize. Use Teaching with Grace to practice providing effective and meaningful feedback.