Teaching Practice

Select a scenario and teaching practice that would be most useful to you. Our practice sessions are designed to build teacher awareness and research-based teaching practices to perceive student differences and respond to students with student-centered effective feedback.

Our scenarios revolve around students engaged in developing literacy skills including reading comprehension, media analysis, digital literacies, and critical thinking. Our student tasks help us consider the complexity of literacy and how past histories shape our educational practices today.

Simulation Library

Student Reading Strengths Simulation

Student Centered Feedback Simulations

Develop agility in using a three-part approach to feedback. First, understand the student response by asking clarifying questions and reflecting or sharing back the strengths that you see in student responses. Second, redirect student thinking to recognize errors, take on new strategies, and deepen understanding. Third, prompt students to recognize their learning from redirecting their thinking and how their learning may extend or challenge strengths that they brought to the task.

Deeper Learning Simulation