Provide lifelong professional learning for educators to: 1. continuously develop the capacity to value, stretch, and engage ALL students in reading during daily in-person and online learning. ALL means across abilities, cultural and linguistics backgrounds, and interests. 2. Disrupt systems of inequity through daily strategic interactions and teaching methods.


  • Challenge
  • Understanding
  • Relationships
  • Equity

MethodsOur professional learning is:

  • Collaborative – learning with and from others to achieve a goal
  • Modeled – learning experiences are active and model the research based practices being taught
  • Aligned to standards – both professional teaching (Danielson Framework, State Teacher Evaluation Rubrics) and student learning (e.g. Common Core)
  • Immersive – using new technologies including 360 video, virtual reality, natural language processing, and augmented reality
  • Personalized – self-paced, interest and need driven, differentiated supports
  • Practical – ready for immediate daily use with students digitally or in-person
  • Thinking focused – fueled by problem-solving and strategic planning
  • Expanded and sustained through community interaction
  • Evidence-based- we use research on participant learning to improve our experiences and share our results through a variety of publications